The club are pleased to offer members of the public wishing to try indoor bowling for the first time free 'Taster' coaching sessions under the guidance of one of our highly qualified coaches.

The number of sessions naturally depends on the progress of the individual however usually around 4 are adequate. These are always fun, enjoyable sessions after which prospective members will know if our sport is for them and whether they wish to proceed with membership.

We have all the equipment you will need during these starter sessions just wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes or trainers which are clean, dry and which should be changed into at the club.

Donyngs is always delighted to extended a warm welcome to all outdoors bowlers who may wish to try their hand at indoor bowling & offer you the same opportunity to bowl alongside our coaches. Your coach will offer all assistance necessary to facilitate your transition indoors.

Further group coaching/induction sessions are always held for new members at the start of each new season.

If you have mobility issues or a disability here at Donyngs we are committed to being inclusive of all people wishing to bowl. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs by our specialist coach Jane. Please leave a message for her on your contact form or advise Ralph and Jane will get back to you for a quick chat.

To arrange a coaching session contact:

(NB: Current club members who would like further coaching please see a list of qualified coaches on club notice boards. Please also contact Ralph if further assistance or advice is required.)

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