Outdoor Club Leagues

In addition to the above matches, we have 2 leagues (Colin Hibbs and the Spitfire) where outdoor clubs play against each other, their aim is to win money for their respective Club. These have proved to be very popular.

Daily Play

Most of the membership [98%] play in the internal leagues throughout the week Monday to Friday. We believe there is something for all. We play, Rinks, Triples, Pairs & Aussie Pairs.

The session times are 10am – 12pm, 12pm – 2pm, 2pm – 4pm, 4pm – 6pm. 6pm – 7pm is a free 'Roll-up' session, and finally 7pm – 9:30pm

Roll Ups

A roll up is where a member practices either alone or with colleagues in order to improve bowling skills. The Club welcomes those members who want to play non-competitive sessions with club friends. Bookings and payment must be made at reception. Members ideally book a rink not allocated for formal matches in advance with the Green Steward, but have the option of just turning up, hoping that a rink is spare. We encourage all members to play in some matches. The most important approach is that members enjoy and are comfortable playing bowls at Donyngs Indoor Bowls Club.

Drives / Ballots

Drives / Ballots enable members just to turn up at least 15 minutes prior to the start of a session and, after paying their rink fee, are allocated a team, playing position and rink. This allows new and existing members to integrate and play in a variety of positions.

Drives / Ballots are currently held on Monday afternoon 16:00pm – 18:00pm, Friday lunchtime 12:00pm – 14:00pm and Friday evening 18:00pm – 20:00pm.

Sheets are put up on the notice board between the ladies and gents changing rooms for you to reserve a place on the drive a week in advance.

Internal Leagues

Many members enter the autumn/winter leagues which are all played at set times each week. A notice board behind Rink 1 gives information relating to registering your interest and for League Team Leaders to register where they want new members. The League Secretary is responsible for matching up these requirements. For more detailed information regarding rules for Leagues refer to the Green Steward's Book at reception.

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