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CONGRATULATIONS to All Our Championship Finalists

Event                                            Winners                                        Runners Up

George Fisher Trophy           D Rosser - A Moore                           R Smith - A Brisley

Challenger Pairs                    M Wall - B China                               K Yarwood - I Parker

Mixed Pairs                           S Williams - P Lines                           D Taylor - S Whiting

Mixed Singles Sets               S Whiting                                           A Moore

Mixed Handicap Singles      R Simon                                             T Pocock

Ladies Triples                       M Wall - P Baughan- C Robinson      R Smith - S Ridley - V Tangney

Mens Triples                        C Murphy - R Edwards - B Hart         P Deighton - I Gillespie - T Buckee

Mixed Triples                       A Moore - J King - P Brennan            S Ayling - R Simon - K Measures

Ladies Pairs                          S Humpheys - J Collis                        C Robinson - P Baughan

Mens Pairs                           G Hopper - S Whiting                        P Davies - T Pocock

Generation Pairs 2021         G Hopper - P Davies                         A Barker - S Whiting

2019 - 2020                         G Hopper - R Edwards                       E Scott - J Tarrant

Mens Plate                          T Buckee                                              T Pocock

Restricted Singles                R Bickley                                              D Rosser

2 Woods                              G Hopper                                             A Moore

Junior Singles                      G Hopper                                             C Obrian

Ladies Singles                      J Collis                                                  J Elwood

Mens Singles                       G Hopper                                             A Orme

New Bowlers                        B Maskell                                            S Capstick - C Shipley

Frank Hall Trophy                Chipstead B. C.                                   Reigate Priory B. C.

Colin Hibbs Trophy             Chipstead B. C.                                    Banstead Neville B. C.

Spitfire Trophy                    Banstead Neville B. C.                     

Richard Edwards [27/04/2022]

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